5-May-2018Bowling Green, KY(21 miles)Items Wanted
In need of electric kettle.
23-Apr-2018Bowling Green, KY(21 miles)Items Wanted
In need of a coffeepot and a crockpot.
16-Apr-2018Glasgow, KY(21 miles)Items Wanted
Am looking for a video projector for our church. I'm not very knowledgeable about electronics but we want something we can hook up to a laptop of cellphone and project a youtube video or song on the front of the church wall. Thank you for any consideration to this request.
15-Apr-2018Glasgow, KY(21 miles)Items Wanted
I'm on the lookout for a fully working lady's bike if anyone is getting rid of their's
10-Apr-2018Glasgow, KY(21 miles)Items Wanted
Hi there is there any free cycle members with a free used golf trolley I would be willing to pick it up asap
15-Mar-2018Glasgow, KY(21 miles)Items Wanted
Im looking for any out door playarea items/materials, spare wood, astrotuff (3x8ft and 8x8ft), wooden planters and plants, and any fairy/animal themed garden ornaments.
11-Mar-2018Glasgow, KY(21 miles)Items Wanted
Howdy - I'm looking for 5 gallon buckets or large plastic buckets that kitty litter comes in. Actually - any large type heavy plastic container would probably work. I'm using these to make some nesting boxes for my chickens. Thanks!
7-Mar-2018Glasgow, KY(21 miles)Items Wanted
Hello all, I am hoping to locate two large frames - approx A1 in size to make two wedding signs - one for welcome and one for the table plan of my son and daughter in-law. Ideal size would be A1, which is 841cm by 594cm. Anything a bit smaller would also work. Ideal frame type would be embossed/baroque - I will paint them to match. Thanks for your help.
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